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Polarizing * Governor Scott Walker R-WI

Missing Element  Astrology Analysis - Link 

Governor Scott Walker
Polarized Natal Chart  (divisive, divides, polarizes)

Natal Incarnation, Mutable Chart * Missing Element Air
DOB 11.02.1967, Scott Walker 

Natural Projection (pos.) - or - 
Shadow Projection (neg.), Unresolved Issues 

Projection As Shadow Mirror (hostile anxiety, hostile guilt, hostile paranoia) The missing function (singleton) expresses as a 'projection' to the degree that the natal individual disavows their unconscious, unresolved inner conflicts.

Destructive Projection: what bothers us in others, particularly in relationships/friendships/other, are those qualities and traits we hide from ourselves 

The destructive and/or unredeemed expression manifests when any sense of hurt for what is missing remains unexplored or unexamined and becomes grounds - or - justification for shadow projection.  

(Resolution: Constructive and Transformative  *  Owning the Shadow Self;
Positive Influence for Destructive Personal Relationships: Realization that we often attract what we're projecting; Natural Positive Projection *  Is an extension of our own internally-derived positive feelings)

Scott Walker was born on 2 November 1967 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Natal Pluto @22 Virgo -cnj- N/Venus @23Virgo -cnj- N/Uranus @27Virgo 


Natal Atropos @22Pisces (3 Fates, cuts thread of life) -cnj- N/Chiron @25Pisces                                                        


Apex Yod 

Natal South Moon Node @27Libra  -cnj- Natal Quaoar @27 Libra (the big picture, creation, flaws, demanding trying experiences)

wax inconjunct (148)

N/Chiron @25Pisces


Natal Tisiphone @28Taurus (Fury)

Fixed Natal T-Square


N/Mercury @07Scorpio -cnj- N/Sun @09Scorpio


Natal Klotho @13Leo (3 Fates, spins thread of life)


Natal Lachesis @07Aquarius (3 Fates, measures length of life-thread)

Trine Form

Mars is base vertex for aspect: Natal Jupiter - wan trine - Natal Mars -  wan square - Natal North Moon Node - wan trine - Natal Jupiter

 Transiting Pluto @07Capricorn -cnj- Natal Mars ( Mars ruler of Aries N.Node) -cnj- Natal Vesta @29 Sagittarius (overcompensating for sense of inner weakness)

Link - “Although it is true that only about 20 percent of American workers are in unions, that 20 percent sets the standards across the board in salaries, benefits and working conditions. If you are making a decent salary in a non-union company, you owe that to the unions. One thing that corporations do not do is give out -  money -  from the goodness of their hearts.” ~ Molly Ivins.
"It’s crucial to understand what the regressive initiative that our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin are right now fighting is really all about, and how that fits into the context of our era. 

This is just the latest, and nearly the last, in a succession of efforts in America over the last three decades to move money from the hands of non-elites to those of oligarchs. 

Make no mistake, that program constitutes essentially the sum total of American politics at its core over the last generation. 

All else is a sideshow or, more likely and more ominously, an intentional diversion, just as a skilled magician is careful to give your eye something else to focus on as he moves the ball from under the cup." ~ Prof. David Michael Green

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